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We will find the location and creative idea for your event, structuring the communication method suitable for your needs and target audience through market analysis.


Event Design

Our design expertise transforms ideas into spectacular realities. Every detail is carefully crafted to create extraordinary environments you desire for your event.



Production is the beating heart of every event. With internal resources and a network of reliable suppliers, we take care of the practical realization of your vision.



Our specialized team, takes care of every element, from the assembly of complex structures to the arrangement of furniture, creating a unique atmosphere


Ux Design

We firmly believe that user experience is a fundamental element of any event. We create memorable experiences tailored to each target audience by making them accessible, intuitive and unforgettable.


Service Design

From sound system design to creative lighting, our experienced team ensures an immersive environment that elevates the atmosphere of your event



Questions & Answers

We understand that sometimes navigating the world of events can be complicated. Here are three FAQs that may be right for you


How can I organize an event from scratch?

At Più Athena, we can help you in all steps, from the creative idea to the communication phase. The overall organization of an event, requires specific skills that we can ensure given our previous experiences.


Do you offer event-specific custom services?

We are specialized in creating unique and customized events. We work closely with our clients to understand their tastes, preferred themes and desired styles. We can adapt to a wide range of themes, from elegant to thematic, to ensure that every detail reflects the client's vision.


What is the cost of your services?

Our prices are customized for each project, considering factors such as project complexity, features and level of customization required. We offer competitive and transparent pricing. During our consultation, we will discuss your budget and needs to provide you with a unique one.